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Chicken Breeds for a Colorful Egg Basket

Updated: Mar 10

When I first got chickens, I wanted a chicken that laid every color. I wanted an egg of each color. I loved the idea that the eggs on my counter could add a pop of color to my otherwise very neutral home. I learned some lessons, though... not all those pretty colored eggs come with a friendly or calm layer. I've found that the chickens that lay my brightest and most colorful are not the chickens you can hold and pet. They are flighty and want nothing to do with us. If you are looking for a list of the friendliest chickens read my post Six Chicken Breeds that are Family Friendly.

Here are some chicken breeds I have had that lay beautiful colored eggs.

Easter Egger: These chickens lay colored eggs like olive, blue or a light brown. If you want your eggs to be in an array of colors, it will be safer to go with a chicken that will lay a blue or olive egg. Chickens like the Ameraucana are bred to lay a specific color of egg. I remember when our Easter Egger laid for the first time. I was hoping for a blue or olive egg and when I watched her lay for the first time, I was so elated when I saw the olive colored egg come out! When you get an Easter Egger it is not guranteed that you will end up with a chicken that lays a colored egg other than brown.

*A note about Easter Eggers. Some hatcheries will market their Easter Eggers as an "Americana." There is actually no such thing as an "Americana" and likely the chicken they are marketing is an Easter Egger.

a colorful egg basket

Ameraucana: These chickens are bred to lay that beautiful blue egg that is so coveted in the chicken world. We have a blue splash Ameraucana and she is beautiful. We love those blue eggs she gives us making our egg basket just that much more colorful!

French Black Maran: These chickens lay beautiful dark brown eggs. These are my favorite colors of eggs (probably because they are neutral). I love their deep color that is SO pigmented. A true French Black Copper Maran will have feathered legs, giving them some character.

Cuckoo Maran: This chicken will also add a dark brown egg to your basket.

Welsummer: These chickens lay brown eggs that are speckled. These eggs are super pretty and add a lot of texture to a basket of eggs.

Collecting dark brown farm fresh eggs

Polish: These chickens lay white eggs. I didn't think I would want white eggs because you can buy them at the store, but I love a pop of white in my egg basket.

Buff Orpington: Our buff Orpingtons lay a cream-pink egg. Sometimes the eggs look more pink than cream and I love that it adds a different color to our basket. Buff Orpingtons are also on my list of friendliest chickens.

Chocolate Orpington: This chicken is new to our flock this year and they have not disappointed. Their eggs are light brown, and I love how clean they are. No speckles, no weird color variations, just a clean simple brown egg. It gives my basket a transition of color from the white to the cream-pink to the blue to the green to the light brown all the way to the dark brown. This egg would fall in the middle if put in a sequential color line.

Neutral Eggs in a wicker basket


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