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What is a Fairy Egg?

Updated: Mar 7

So your chicken laid a fairy egg, aka fart egg, witch egg, or dwarf egg; these are just some of the names for these little eggs your hen left for you in the box. You are probably wondering what’s the matter with my chicken. Or what is this teeny tiny little anomaly I just found in my nesting box? Or better yet, can I eat the egg?

fairy egg, fart egg

Fairy eggs are nothing to worry about! Phew!! Nothing is wrong with your hen, their reproduction cycle just had a misfire, so to speak.

fairy egg compared to a large chicken egg

They happen when a chicken is getting near the end of its reproductive cycle, if something disturbed it, or when the chicken is young and their reproductive cycle is still trying to get the hang of it. A disturbance could mean new food, stress, environmental factors, etc. Usually, the egg will have no yoke but if they do it's very small and not quite formed.

fairy egg compared to a pen

If you were wondering, you can eat fairy eggs! Maybe just add it to another egg you are frying or add it to the scramble you are making. Either way, it tastes exactly like any other egg.

comparison of a large chicken egg and a fart egg

Going to the nesting boxes I never know what I will find. I have found fairy eggs, double yokers, triple yokers and I had a single yoke egg that was 90 grams. That is how big duck eggs usually are. Poor hen!!! It's kind of like a treasure hunt every time I go out to the coop. To find a fairy egg is like finding a rare treasure. They don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s fun to find them.

Have you ever found a fairy egg?


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