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The Purpose

Some of my dreams as a little girl were to be a stay-at-home mom, have a rockin' marriage, deeply know Jesus, raise animals- lots of them and cook well; all while enjoying every bit of it.


I started with eight chickens... but you just can't have eight. We now have 25. We have 4 ducks and one goose. We raise and breed Holland Lop Bunnies. Our backyard farm is lively and there are always stories to tell.

One of my goals for this blog is for people to catch a glimpse of a backyard farm and all the fun and chaos that comes with it. Many people ask me about my chickens and ducks and because of all the research I have done, I am able to give them a good answer. If I don't know the answer I go and do more research. I've found that although it takes work to keep the animals happy, healthy, and laying (haha), it's all worth it.

Another goal and the most important, is to share my love for Jesus. Not only is He the foundation I live my life on but He is the reason I have hope, peace, grace for others and myself, compassion, and humility. Jesus died for me. He died for you. He wants us to live eternally with Him. I will share the ebbs and flows of my faith and how I work through what life brings. It's messy but Jesus is right there in the mess beckoning me forward. I'm thankful for his ever-present love, presence, and faithfulness. He will never leave or forsake me.

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