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Four Winter Clothing Essentials That Will Keep You Warm on Your Backyard Farm

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I HATE being cold but even more than being cold, I HATE doing backyard farm chores when it's cold. One year, I had had it so I got clothes I could get dirty in but would keep me warm. Here's the list of clothing necessities for winter I use.

Berne Jacket. It's a pop of color that I normally wouldn't wear but I think it's perfect for backyard working wear. It's warm to boot and it's comfortable. I got a Medium, which I normally wear, and I can comfortably fit a sweatshirt underneath for extra warmth.

Carhartt Overalls. You can get Carhartt Overalls that are lined to keep you warmer but I chose to get the ones that aren't lined so I could wear them in spring and early summer and not get too hot. These are my work pants and I wear them for gardening, chicken keeping, and all the things in between.

Thinsulate Gloves. THESE ARE A MUST. I LOVE these gloves. They keep my hands warm and are water-resistant, perfect for snowy days or filling up water for the animals. These gloves are not thick which is important so I can grab eggs easily, open latches easily, and feel what I'm picking up. They keep my hands very warm. They are my favorite things on this list.

Beanie. Any beanie will do, it's just meant to keep you warm so you can get back to doing the winter chores that need to be done. I particularly love Carhartt beanies. They are warm, I don't get itchy, and they are cute. Enough said.

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