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Why We Got a Goose

Updated: Apr 26

We started with three ducks, then got three more. Sadly, they kept getting taken out by owls or hawks, sometimes in the middle of the day. It would suck to be prey... the saying "a sitting duck"... it's true.

We were almost going to call it quits with ducks as they are not the cheapest birds to buy online, especially when you want all girls. We decided to try again, and in that batch of ducklings, we added a gosling.

When they arrived, we thought it was important to have them bonded already. They were all so cute! We named the gosling Gertrude, aka Gerty Goose. She was by far the most curious out of the bunch and continues to be curious today.

gosling and ducklings
Can you guess which one Gerty is? haha

We wondered how having a goose would be. We had heard horror stories of geese being very aggressive and territorial. I did a lot of research and found that the Buff Goose is gentler. Gerty is very inquisitive and protects her ducky friends.

She has a very loud squawk that wards off predators, and I truly believe that having a goose has tremendously helped our ducks live a good life without fear of owls or hawks. We had an eagle flying above us the other day and Gerty was making sure it wasn't getting closer. She couldn't relax and kept looking up in the sky.

Buff Goose, Buff Geese, Backyard Geese, Goose Watching for Hawk
Gerty watching out for a hawk she was seeing
Ducks looking at a hawk, duck pond, backyard ducks
The ducks noticing the hawk

We built the Easy Clean Duck Coop for our ducks. We didn't know if Gerty would be willing to go in because the coop is built for four ducks, but she was willing to go in. Gerty has been left out numerous nights as she sits on the nest she built, but in the morning, she’s at the door of the Easy Clean Duck Coop, waiting for her friends to come out. I really think she would rather be with her flock than by herself.

We thought ducks had personalities, but Gerty Goose has given them a run for their money. She is hilarious! She frequently visits our kitchen slider door to peek in and see what’s going on. She chomps grass down like it’s not going to be there tomorrow, and she talks back to us when we talk to her.

Buff Goose on backporch, Curious Goose

Adding a goose to our flock has been a money saver in the long run. She’s so pretty and very friendly. She has never been aggressive or shown aggression. We have finally had a set of ducks for the last year, and I credit it to our Gerry Goose sounding her alarm and our Easy Clean Duck Coop, which keeps our sweet little ducky friends (and Gerty) safe at night.

Buff Goose in backyard
Gerty was not full-grown in this picture. She is filled out now!


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