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Why I Cinderella Mop My Floors

We were in California on vacation, and I saw my best friend from high school. She and her fiancé live in the cutest home in LA. I asked her how she mopped her flooring because they had no carpet. Her answer surprised me. She said she mops them on her hands and knees with vinegar and water.

vinegar and water mopping solution

I had asked because I couldn't find a mopping situation I loved. I mean, really... who loves mopping? But I said I would have to try it once I got home. Folks, I haven't gone back. It is so much easier! It doesn't take that much more time either. Plus, I know I'm getting a better clean.

What you will need:

  • a bowl

  • 1/2 cup of vinegar in 8 cups of warm water

  • washcloth

  • dish gloves (I don't like my hands getting wrinkly)

I loved this technique because I could SEE everything I needed to get off my floors and scrub them in the spots that needed some elbow grease. I also discovered how dirty my cabinetry was, so I wiped those down. I also know that once we get baseboards up in our remodeled kitchen, I will also be wiping those down. I love a three-for-one scenario.

When I mop, the whole house feels 100% cleaner. Whenever I mop, Jordan notices when he comes home. There is just something about shiny floors.

vinegar and water mopping solution for baseboards

Once my water is dirty, I dump and refill every so often. All the dirt rests on the bottom, which makes me feel better about not spreading all that nasty around the house. The water still gets brown, but if I have done a good pre-vacuum, I don't usually have a lot of floaters.


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