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Why Bunnies Make the Perfect Pet

Updated: Feb 8

I had bunnies growing up and they were nothing like the bunnies we have now. Our Hollland Lops are the best. They are calm, and docile, love to be held, and come to the door of their enclosure for pets and love. You might be questioning whether you want or can care for a bunny. I'm going to tell you right up front it's not a hamster who will die in two years. A bunny will live for 10 -12 years. So before you go and purchase a bunny think about the commitment it is going to be. I'm pretty sure it will be one of the best commitments you make. I may be biased just a bit. 😉

Here are some reasons why a bunny makes a perfect pet:

  1. They can be potty trained. Our baby bunnies are potty trained before they even go to their new home. Read my most popular blog post about How to Potty Train Your Bunny.

  2. Their personalities are mood lifters- especially when they get the zoomies, flop on their side, or stretch out their hind legs.

  3. They are relatively low maintenance compared to a dog or cat. If we are gone for a weekend, we know our bunnies will be completely fine because their water, feed, and hay all last for at least 3 days.

  4. Petting a bunny reduces stress. I just did this with all my baby bunnies we have right now to get them used to human hands and I just loved on them as they sat on my chest and enjoyed the snuggles under my neck. I was very relaxed after doing so.

  5. They are playful and entertaining! Their most active hours are mornings and evenings! Perfect for any work schedule.

  6. They are great for apartments. They are quiet and only need a 4x4 space to live in daily and the choice to free roam whenever you are home.

  7. They are great companions. Our bunnies kiss us and honk when happy. They love a good treat from the fridge now and then too.

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I have 4 Holland Lops and I love them so. I do not have them inside. They are on my screened in back porch right now in a makeshift baby gate/ pen. We are building them a permanent pen soon. Are bunnies that are 1 year old still potty trainable and how much room do they need in their new permanent home? I am thinking of at least a home with two levels and want to make sure they have plenty of room.

Replying to

We potty trained our almost 1-year-old Holland after a different breeder was shutting down her business. I would say it's possible to potty train. If you haven't already, read my How to Potty Train Your Bunny post, which tells you tips and tricks for potty training bunnies. Regarding your question about their enclosure, a good rule of thumb is one sq. foot per rabbit's body weight. It's also important to remember to give them space to stand on their hind legs. Our rabbits are in a double-story enclosure. The whole bottom is littered with their food and water attached to the door, and then they have a ramp and landing to hang out on to get to the top story,…

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