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What I Learned in 2022

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This is a tradition that is so refreshing, renewing, reflective, and fun! I believe it is such a good practice to look back on the year to see what I learned, remember what happened, and most importantly take what I learned and apply it to my next year of life. Taking what I learned and applying it as I have as this year has gone on, but starting fresh and anew in the new year ready for more growth in 2023.

  1. A year of pursuing growth is long, tough, intimidating, but ultimately rewarding

  2. Jesus DELIGHTS in me. Seriously, even if I'm having a truly awful day, he still delights in me. That's grace people!

  3. Reading is fun, calming, restful, insightful, and wisdom-filled, and doesn't (usually) include a screen which is what I'm all about

  4. Turning 30 isn't scary; it's hope-filled. I think back to all that has happened or hasn't happened, the disappointments, the excitements, the missed expectations, or the best communication. I've made it 30 years through the good, bad, and ugly. If I can make it through my 20s with all the loss, stress, confusion, waiting, worry, and fear that I experienced but was able to have joy through it all. Looking forward is exciting because I know that Jesus is faithful. He has never left me nor will He ever forsake me.

5. Staying in the spacious place that God has brought me, is the key to peace, joy, love... just all the Fruits of the Spirit. The spacious place is where I can fully feel God's presence and live in full confidence in his faithfulness, goodness, and love for me. Psalm 18:19, Psalm31:8

6. Walking is still my favorite workout.

7. Isolation is not just being alone in a room away from everyone. You can isolate yourself by being in a room full of people and not interacting, by being deep in your phone, by being inside your head, or by not being curious by asking questions...etc.

8. Daily Bible Reading and journaling are a must.

9. Therapy is still so important. For check-ins, for accountability, for encouragement; talking through things is the only way I heal.

10. Times of waiting is excruciating, but Jesus is right there waiting with me.

11. Self-protection doesn't help you, it hurts you.

12. Jesus is always kind. The world we live in can be unkind. So when something tragic happens, blaming God isn't the way to handle it.

13. Having a child in school full time makes the weeks and months go by SO fast. Volunteering at Quinn's school is so fun!

14. When we treasure wrong, we worry. When we treasure correctly i.e. The Kingdom of God, we can live carefree like the birds and flowers of the field. Matthew 6: 19-21, 26, 28

15. I Love Prosecco.

16. Dairy-free is still the life for me!

17. Cashew Milk is the bomb.

18. Boundaries, in some cases, are a way to show Christ's love.

19. A good pillow is a game-changer. This is the pillow I use.

20. I've never been a flosser, but flossing my teeth every night is like patting my gums on the back good job for protecting my teeth.

21. Making sourdough requires planning, but it is so worth the crunchy crust, pillowy inside, and the satisfaction of the work I've put into a single loaf of bread.

22. Holland Lops are the sweetest, cutest little animals I have ever taken care of.

23. Hug a Para. I started subbing this year when Quinn went to school, para's are underpaid and under-appreciated.

24. Green olives are so good. I guess my parents were right when they said my taste buds would mature.

25. A good smokey eye can elevate your mood

26. I'm becoming a barn mom... Think boot-cut jeans and Ariat Fat-Baby Boots without all the drama that comes with the horse world. Haha

27. A hot bath with Epsom salts, lots of bubbles, jets, a book, and a side of ice water is the ticket for some relaxation.

28. Chamomile tea, especially the one Tazo makes, is my favorite drink a couple of hours before bed. I drink tea almost every night before bed - it has become a ritual.

29. FloRida was amazing in concert. I was living my best high-school-me life.

30. Disneyland through Quinn's eyes brought tears to my eyes.

31. Neighborhood friends are so special.

32. Insurance is there for you until they have to give you money. Find yourself a good insurance company that will help you and go to bat for you.

33. Wear a hat, wear sunscreen, and wear lip balm with SPF in it. Getting pre-cancer burnt off your lip is no joke.


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