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What I Learned in 2021 and What I'm Still Learning

Updated: Apr 7

These have become a reflection for me to laugh at and maybe set a few goals for the new year. It's refreshing for me to look over the last year and see what happened and how I want to change or maybe keep things the same. I hope you can read through, get a good laugh, enjoy the pictures, and maybe learn or apply a thing or two. Share with me what you thought and something you learned in the last year!

  • Still love rewatching shows...over and over and over

  • I've recently been processing what the "will of God" really means, but surprise!, I'm learning it's not what we were taught growing up and is super simple

  • Still love being a stay-at-home mom, but have found that when I'm not rooted in God's word and truth for the day, being a mom is harder than ever - you've got to have that Jesus' strength!

  • Loving our neighbors + being good neighbors is a gift that keeps giving

  • Putting real pants on, putting some concealer on, and curling my eyelashes, can do a lot of good

  • Napping is still awesome

  • Horses are calming, intuitive, big lovers (pictured below a friends horse we got to care for in the summer)

  • Life, happiness, joy, whatever you want to name it - it's all in the little things

  • Allowing myself the joy to create art is important, mini watercolors and getting back to my day one, acrylics

  • Good friends are hard to come by, but when you come by them, wrap them up and don't let them go

  • Chickens still bring me joy; cracking open the fresh eggs and seeing that orange yolk brings happiness (pictured below four chickens getting all the gossip)

  • Social Media is still not missed

  • Laughter is good for my soul - the nose crinkling, eyes watering, stomach hurting type of laughter

  • Continue to look for rainbows to be reminded

  • Celebrate the little successes

  • Lemon Oil fixes ailments of the lips

  • Buy good pens that flow nicely BIC

  • Order Chatbooks to keep those memories alive

  • Keep working out 5 days a week

  • Put your phone down and be 100% there with your kid-they notice

  • Say "yes" to the things your kid wants to do, even when you don't want to do it

  • Getting involved in our church has been life-giving

  • Serving and having a servant's heart is life-giving

  • Laugh at the awkward pictures, the not-perfect pictures, and the pictures where your kid wouldn't listen - it is a stage, enjoy the stage, and whenever you see the picture in the future you will laugh, I promise

  • Continue to read your Bible daily, in a bible study or journaling by yourself, and stay in the word - it's a cup filler

  • Read the Bible front to back at least once in your life

  • Podcasting is a new hobby

  • Honor your 106-year-old, Great Aunt - Ask her all the questions, she has the most life wisdom out of us all. Love you, Aunt Jenny

  • Still trying to figure out control issues/OCD thinking

  • Therapy is STILL good

  • Baking bread is a new hobby, going to tackle sourdough this year

  • Cooking/Baking at home brings a sense of accomplishment and gratitude

  • Making the bed every morning will not disappoint

  • Build new highways in your brain that lead to positivity and truth - it's easier to go down a highway that is filled with lies and deceit

  • Camping as a family is a must - even in the rain

  • Reading lots of books is so rewarding

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