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Treating and Preventing Mites in Rabbits

Updated: May 6

I went out one day to check on our buns, feed and water them, and give them some love. When I petted my oldest bunny, I noticed the hair on the nape of his neck came off with ease and that there was dandruff attached. I immediately started googling what it could be. When I came across walking dandruff or the official name, Cheyletiella, I started researching solutions. Walking Dandruff is a type of mite animals can get that causes their hair to fall out. It's easy to see as there will be large pieces of dandruff and hair coming off your bunny.

Everything I came across while researching involved bringing them to the vet and doing multiple treatments with multiple vet visits. The medicine would have to be prescribed. I didn't like that.

I was desperate for an at-home solution. I spent a lot of time searching the web for DIY solutions and/or solutions I could buy. I found Pestavert from Small Pet Select and gave it a try. You guys, it took away the mites, our bunny's hair has grown back and we are going to continue to use this as a preventative measure. I am very impressed with how well this worked.

What I did was spray the bunnies' nape of their neck and their hind quarters. That is where the mites like to be. I would do this once per day. I have 4 bunnies I sprayed this on and because the fur doesn't need to be soaking wet, I am still on my first bottle. I love that this spray is 100% organic and is safe for humans (you can spray it in your mouth). I wouldn't, but it just shows how safe it is.

Another important thing I did was clean their cages. I took the bunnies out of their cage and swept up any stray hay, food, and poop. I then bleached and cleaned their cages, especially their hideouts and all the corners. When the cage was dry I then sprayed the Pestevert in the corners of the cage. I then let the bunnies back into their living quarters.

Some other helpful information I found was that mites are normal. I was so worried I was doing something wrong. Just because your bunny has mites doesn't mean you are a horrible bunny owner. Making sure the cage is clean is important but I also read that the hay you get for your rabbits can have the mites in there. Some people freeze their hay to kill all the mites and then give the thawed-out hay to their rabbits. We bought a huge bale of hay for our rabbits and that's when they got their mites. So, we are going to stick with giving them bagged hay from now on. I also got these hay holders to keep as much hay off their cage floor so it doesn't encourage the little buggers to stick around.

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