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To the Hopeful Mama on Mother's Day

To the hopeful mama:

You are loved.

Through your heartbreak.

Through your confusion.

Through your anger.

Despite those feelings, you are loved.

To the hopeful mama:

Your identity is not in how many kids you don’t have.

It’s in Jesus.

It’s in your integrity.

It’s in your love for others.

Your identity is not in your kids or lack thereof.

To the hopeful mama:

I’ve been in your shoes.

I understand.

I grieve with you.

I pray with you.

You are not alone.

To the hopeful mama:

People will say stupid things.

Don’t listen.

Let it roll off your back like water off a duck's feathers.

Because people don't know what to say but mean well.

So, move forward. Do the next best thing for you.

To the hopeful mama:

Mother’s Day can be tricky.

It’s a reminder of what you want but don’t have.

It’s a reminder of loss and grief.

It’s a reminder of crushed dreams.

Please take it in stride and give yourself grace.

To the hopeful mama:

Keep pressing forward.

Be content and grateful for what you have now-find joy in the little things.

Lean on the support of the people who care about you.

Jesus knows. He cares. He grieves with you.

May his kingdom come in your infertility, loss of an infant, stillbirth, or miscarriage on earth as it is in heaven.

little girl walking in grass.


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