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That 70s House

Updated: May 9

We are slowly remodeling our home as we live in it. Follow this new series, as I will update the blog with the remodels we have already done and the latest updates and remodels.

We bought our home in 2018, right before the market went wild. We ended up purchasing a half-acre lot right outside city limits—literally right outside. Our house was built in the 1970s, and besides the updated kitchen in 2011 and one bathroom that was updated as well, we stepped back into 1975 when we bought it.

Before I found this house, we had decided to take a break from house hunting as we wanted more land than our mere 9000-square-foot lot in a housing development, more space to house guests, and more bedrooms for said company. I am very particular, so house hunting is hard. While perusing Zillow one morning, I noticed that this house had been re-listed after a cash offer fell through. I immediately asked our realtor if we could see it. When we showed up, we discovered the third acre we planned on had been turned into a half-acre. With the price increase, we were at the top of our budget.

We decided to look still. Our realtor opened the door with the key from the lockbox hanging from the double front door, and we stepped inside. My first words were, "How do we make an offer?" Jordan said, "Lauren, you haven't even seen the rooms yet."

But I knew—the smell, the homey feel; I saw the potential.

Because of the price point, we offered a bit lower, wrote a sweet letter, and our offer was accepted! We quickly put our other home on the market, and within three days, we had an offer and accepted it. We lived in our 70's home for three years before doing any remodeling. The house had sat vacant for five years and remarkably was clean.

The house has character. It is considered a tri-level but has a basement, so we have four levels. The stairs to the upstairs and mid-level are open, making a rather cut-up home feel very open. The house was sold as a four-bedroom, three-bath with two non-conforming rooms. The two non-conforming rooms were in the basement. We love our home and its character.

We had decided not to do major remodeling, but we did have a honey-do list of little things around the house we wanted to get done when we moved in. Three weeks into living at our new home, there was a large dance mirror in the basement, and we wanted it out. Long story short, it shattered, and a piece of glass cut the back of Jordan's ankle down to the bone. It completely sliced through his Achilles tendon. I called 911, the ambulance came, and because it was such a clean cut, he didn't need to go in the ambulance, and I was able to take him to the ER, where he had surgery two hours later. It was a freak accident, but we are glad he fully recovered. Lesson learned: tape up your mirrors... a lot.

Here are our before pictures.

a 1975 fixer upper
That 70's House

1975 fixer upper entry closet
The Entry Way "How do we make an offer?"

1975 house entry way
Looking from the kitchen slider to the front door

2011 remodel of kitchen
The Kitchen (with the raised dishwasher)

2011 remodeled kitchen
More Kitchen- they remodeled this in 2011

1975 fixer upper house sitting room
Sunken Sitting Room

1975 fixer upper dining room
The Dining Room - You could get here from the sunken sitting room or from the kitchen.

1975 fixer upper bedroom
Bedroom 1

1975 fixer upper bedroom
Bedroom 2

1975 house remodel, 1975 bathroom
Upstairs bathroom

1975 fixer upper master bedroom
Master Bedroom- facing master bath door

1975 fixer upper master bedroom
Master Bedroom facing the closet side (its a LONG room)

1975 master bathroom house remodel
Master Bathroom

1975 master bathroom with jetted tub
Master Bathroom

1975 remodel home
Mid Level - facing the front window

1975 house remodel
Mid Level - facing the fireplace and back window & slider

oversized walk in shower, 1975 house remodel
Mid Level Bathroom - the shower is HUGE

dance mirror, basement, 1975 house remodel
Basement - with the (eek!) dance mirror - Jordan is walking out of the canning room

non-conforming bedroom 1975 house remodel
Non-conforming bedroom 1

non-conforming bedroom 1975 house remodel
Non-conforming bedroom 2

1975 house remodel, green carpet, mudroom
Mudroom (with carpet?!)

1975 house remodel
Bedroom 4

1975 house remodel back deck
Back deck

1975 house remodel, outdoor brick fireplace
Wood burning fireplace on the upper and lower level of our back deck/patio

1975 fixer upper home
The backside of our home. We had SO many trees


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