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Summer 2023

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I can't tell you the last time we had a summer, we weren't doing any vast projects. It's been a long time, I can tell you that. If I had to choose three words to describe our summer they would be:

  1. relaxing

  2. playful

  3. full

Here in North Idaho, our summers are amazing. With how long our winters are, we look forward to the extra Vitamin D we get in the summer. Our summer weather started before summer officially started which had us all thinking fall would come sooner. Well, the month of September is in 3 days and we are just starting to cool off. We are right on track for a great fall and I can't wait. We didn't have a fall last year. The weather seemed to go from warm to snow in a day.

After Quinn finished her Kindergarten year, we went over to western Washington to be at my parent's home for about a week. My niece was up as my brother and sis-in-love were in Spain. We had lots of fun as always seeing other family, laughing a lot, and creating memories with cousins. Quinn would rock Kora Mae almost every night before her bedtime and would sing The Blessing over her. It was truly the sweetest thing.

We also did a walk to Craft Island and had all the hopes of canning some strawberry jam but when we went to Sakuma's (a local berry farm) they were sold out. We did get a quart of strawberries that were there just to eat in the car and it ended up being the most expensive quart of strawberries we had ever purchased. The girls loved them, naturally.

We spent lots of time in our little pool this year with our neighbor friend coming over a lot. Quinn did lots of horse riding and even took part in a Jr. Rodeo Club where she and we learned that she doesn't want people watching her when she rides. So we went back to private lessons and she's enjoying that a lot more. She's made some great friends at the barn including the Dwarf Nigerian goats running around.

For Quinn's birthday, we had lots of family over where we celebrated with a party and then went to Silverwood. Our family friends came as well. Our entire house was filled with so many people that we love it was such a blessing to have them all here. We even had a tent set up in our yard for some people to sleep in. We were busting at the seams. We had lots of fun, lots of help, lots of laughs, and lots of food. It was perfect.

Another thing we did this summer was go on a last boat ride in our boat that Jordan inherited when his dad passed. We haven't ever really used it so instead of paying for storage and winterization year after year, we decided to sell it and use the money to help pay for the adoption we are going through right now. It was bittersweet but we are so glad it is going to a young family where they will make many more memories on it.

We had my parents over for a week at the end of July which was so fun. We ended that time with camping at Camp CDA. We had so much fun fishing and canoeing and eating. We stayed on the Island tent site where we learned that a nearby land owner has sheep with bells around their neck and a dog that barks throughout the night to keep the sheep safe and in check. It was a camping trip that gave us little sleep at night but what we did during the day made up for the nighttime happenings. The weather was beautiful and reminded Jordan and me how beautiful our area is.

Quinn had her annual trip to her Nana and Papa's so back over to the west side of Washington for 5 days all by herself she went. She loves this time with her Nan and Pops and they look forward to it as well. I am so glad they are so intentional with her and they are building a lasting relationship with her. She even lost her first top tooth while she was in the car on the way out to crab! We scheduled her time over there coinciding with the Northwest Washington Fair so we went there and enjoyed looking at the animals, people watching, and the food.

While Quinn was gone, Jordan and I had a weekend all to ourselves where we went to the Barbie movie and just chilled. It was so nice to not have anything we had to get done while Quinn was away. We got to enjoy each other's company without a kiddo around. It was a nice little break.

When Quinn and I got home from western Washington, we went to our fair where we got our fair food fix, face painted, and again enjoyed looking at the animals and people watching. This was the best face painting she had ever gotten. It was so cute.

We went for a one-night camping trip to end the summer in Trout Creek, Montana with some friends. We had so much fun playing games, enjoying the scenery, and getting to know their family deeper. I prefer to have deep conversations and to be around friends who are willing to go there is something I don't take for granted. It is so rare today and whenever there is a person who is willing to go to that next level of conversation, I am thankful. Quinn lit up while we were there and was so open to everyone. We were so proud of her and her bravery and confidence. She ate lots of fresh carrots, held a snake, and explored while using all her creativity. Just what a kid is supposed to do.

We went to Silverwood two last times before Boulder Beach closed for the season. We went for the new expansion announcement and then went and rode some rides. The next time we went out we spent a long time in the wave pool and lazy river as the water was warm. There was a storm that came through and we rode all the waterslides Quinn wanted to do before it completely got stormy. We were in the car headed home when the rain started. Phew!

We had a FUN-filled summer full of memories. Quinn and I are ready to be back at school where she will be in first grade and I'll be subbing here and there. I am ready for hot tea, cooler weather, sweaters, and just being all around cozy. Jordan is gearing up for Scarywood and ending the Silverwood season. We are currently working on a small project that Jordan has wanted to do for a couple of years which is DIY Permanent Lighting on the outside of our home. These LEDs will bring spooky vibes at Halloween, Game Day vibes during football season, and calm and bright vibes during Christmas. Plus whatever other random holiday we want to represent with lights on the house. They already look amazing and are preparing us for the seasons to come.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

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