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Simple Playhouse

Updated: Apr 2

So we built a playhouse. Quinn has been asking for one for some time so we started building it when she stayed at her Nana and Papa's house for 5 days. Our goals were to build it so she could use it for years to come, even when she's out of the make-believe stage. Another goal was for Jordan and me to be able to stand in it. We also wanted to be able to camp in it during the summer and have sleepovers so it needed to be wide and long enough to fit people on the floor.

We decided on an 8x8 for our playhouse.

We wanted to do an A-frame but with an A-frame, we would've lost about 2 feet of playing area on both sides. Now, for little kids who can squeeze anywhere, it wasn't that big of a deal, but with our goal of wanting to sleep in there as a family, we decided to go with 2-foot walls and then do a pitched roof for the top.

Backyard Playhouse with Corrugated Plastic Siding and Roof

Kids Playhouse in the Snow with Corrugated Siding and Roofing

We had all sorts of weather when we built this thing! Only in North Idaho will it hail, snow, rain, and be sunny all in one day.

Simple Playhouse

Kids Playhouse

Oh! There's our sweet girl!

As you can see to the left of the picture above, we just planted some Green Thuja Giants to make a privacy hedge. We had a huge windstorm that blew down all the pine trees around our house a year and a half ago. It was crazy, traumatic, and completely changed our landscape. We have NO privacy now. This playhouse adds a little bit of privacy which we are thankful for.

Furnished Playhouse

I will be adding more pictures as the weather gets nicer. I went to Ross (of all places) and found the hopscotch mat, the cushions, and the pillow. You never know with Ross so I am glad I checked there!

Playhouse Furnishings

Greenhouse Plastic Panels Playhouse

Taking a nap in her playhouse!

Napping in a Playhouse

Backyard Playhouse with Greenhouse siding and roofing

Cuddling ”Tangled”, one of her chickens while coloring.

little girl cuddling a chicken

We finally put fairy lights up! It’s so dreamy and cozy.

Fairy Lights in a Playhouse, Solar Lights in a Playhouse

We added curtains to the Playhouse. It makes it so much more fun and usable. We did a tension wire on both the top and bottom. I also sewed the bottom of the curtains leaving space to put the wire through. They slide to wherever you need them!

Curtains to filter the Sunlight

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"Purchasable plans coming soon!"

Hello! Any word on if/when those plans will be available? Thank you. ;)

Replying to

I am wanting to purchase the plans when they are available! Can you send me an email when they are ready?

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