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Our First Litter of VM Holland Lops

Updated: Mar 18

I started our hobby Rabbitry for our daughter Quinn to experience baby animals just once. Well, since, we have had three litters and have learned a lot. We learned that we love raising these baby bunnies and then sending them off to a new loving home at eight weeks.

We wanted to try adding blue eyes, meaning we needed a BEW, Vienna Marked, or Vienna Carrier. We got a BEW first and instead of breeding him with one of our does, we decided to get a VM Blue Tort so that for sure we would have blue eyes in the litter.

We bred our two buns and about 30 days later we found four beautiful kits in their box!

VM Holland Lops, 1 day old Holland Lops

They are the sweetest little buns. They are now two weeks old at the time of writing this post. You can already see their blue eyes and it is the cutest thing. Blue eyes in bunnies just add this extra cuteness factor.

BEW Holland Lop

BEW #1

VM Blue Tort Holland Lop

VM Blue Tort

BEW Holland Lop

BEW #2

VM Chocoalte Harlequin Holland Lop

VM Chocolate Harlequin

4 week old Holland Lops

VM Chocolate Harlequin Holland Lop

VM Blue Tort Holland Lop

BEW Holland Lop

A BEW Holland Lop basking in the sun

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