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MINI Greeting Cards

I like mini things. While I was messing around with my new cameo and Quinn needed a card for her friend, I got an idea—mini greeting cards. There are so many occasions you can make a card for. I was excited to get started.

I started with my birthday holiday pack. As I was drawing, creating, and writing, I kept thinking of more and more card ideas. The cards turned out so cute. They are perfect to pair with any present, gift cards (gift cards fit right in the envelope!), a bottle of wine (or champagne), cash, flowers, and so much more.

All my cards are hand drawn, and the calligraphy is handwritten. I use 110 lb cardstock (coverstock) and cut them at home with my cameo.

Here are some of the cards I have made so far. Each order is made to order. I hope you and the recipients enjoy them!

a mini greeting card that says i love you to the moon and back with a crescent moon

a mini greeting card that has a baby chick on it and it says happy easter

a mini greeting card that has a string of christas lights and it says happy holidays

Happy Shopping and Happy Giving! xoxo

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