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Meet our THREE NEW Ducklings

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Jordan and I have long had a history of buying animals. We love animals. What can we say?! We went to Tractor Supply to get our chicken feed and stopped to look at the little ducklings they had. This is where we should’ve just kept walking…

Now, I was just looking, but Jordan had a better idea. To my surprise, he said, “Should we get some more?!” We were just going to get two but couldn’t help ourselves and got three.

Meet our new friends!

Here is Cadence. She is a fawn and white runner duck.

“Lovey” is the one in the middle. AKA Quinn’s new best friend. He cuddles Quinn any chance he gets.

This is Berkeley on the left. He is a Khaki Campbell.

All the ducks are super curious and so sweet. Cheers to brooding three more ducklings! Let’s get to work.

In other news… I made a bucket hat for the ducklings. 🥰🥰

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