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Meet Our New Ducklings

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

They're cute. They're fluffy. They are everything you dream of when you think of a duckling AND so much more.

I am here to tell you that although it is a little more work to keep their water and brooder clean, these little girls are honestly the cuteness we needed to fill the rest of the cold days up here in North Idaho. They cheep like baby chicks and I can't wait to hear their sweet quacking. How they stand with their pigeon toes is SO cute. They are so curious and I love that they have personalities. Watching them swim and figure out the water is so enjoyable and I can't wait to see them waddle around our yard.

We did have a tiny scary moment when one of our ducks was foaming and salivating at the mouth. I looked it up and there was a column about ducklings doing this when they get too much dry food without water so they start to kind of choke. I put her beak in the water multiple times and after a bit, she had worked it down herself. I thought she might've been hungry from the trip and forgot to get water. Who knows, I'm just glad she is fine now.

Without further ado... here are our three girls:

We have Harley Quinn, the Welsh Harlequin... (see what we did there?)

We have Queen Lily, the White Crested. We needed a name that pointed to her crest and her personality. She runs the show and loves to be in charge.

We have Patty, the Cayuga. We received the ducklings on St. Patrick's Day so we thought it was only necessary to call one Patty. Cayuga's have a green sheen on them once grown so we thought it fit the bill... (okay Lauren, enough duck puns!)

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