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Our Easy Clean Duck Coop

Updated: Mar 31

Visit my BUILD LINKS page to get the product links we used in this build!

NEW & UPDATED Duck/Goose Door COMING SOON. We got a goose and had to make our little door bigger. Plans for that, coming this spring (2024).

If you have purchased our Easy Duck Coop Plans before 7/9/23, please message me or email me as we have made some corrections/updates to make the plans more clear. I would love to email you the updated plans. Thanks for your understanding and we are always here for questions!

When I was thinking about getting ducks, I kept reading and hearing that they are messy. They are; don't get me wrong. I wanted ducks badly enough to get them and try them out. To have ducks (or chickens) I was pertinent that I needed a house or a coop that would be easy to clean, not overly smelly, and have great curb appeal.

Duck coop, duck house, backyard duck coop

Since this picture was taken, we have made a pond and covered the ground with pea gravel to reduce the mud.

We fashioned the duck house after our chicken coop. They have the same features, but our duck coop is a much smaller scale.

Jordan is the builder here, I just approve the plans and help out with the building along the way.

Each duck needs at least 4 square feet and with this layout, they have that plus a little more. Ducks need quite a bit of headroom to be able to stretch and flap their wings.

The front door(s) is where the ”easy clean” part comes in. My goal was to be able to not have to climb in but to be able to sweep or shovel everything out. I did this just recently for the first time and it was SO easy. With a wheelbarrow and flat head shovel I can clean this coop out and replace the pine pellet bedding in 15 minutes. It's SO easy.

Inside a backyard duck coop, backyard ducks in a duck house

The large front door provides me with this accessibility and the little automated door allows the ducks to come and go. It's a win-win! At night, Jordan goes out and the ducks know to go in their coop. He then shuts the door using the Alexa App. We then open the door in the morning using our Amazon Show and proceed to watch them race out of their home. Automating the door was simple with the kit we got, you can see the list of links to products HERE that we used.

We keep their food and water outside to keep their coop as clean as possible. We use THIS no-mess feeder. We do let them free range so they don’t go through pellets very fast, which is nice. They help with bug control and seeing them waddle around is natural serotonin.

Visit my BUILD LINKS page to get the product links we used in this build!


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