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A Simple & Organized Solution for Storing Your Annual Seeds

I started looking this year for an organized method of storing the annual seeds we use. I looked up "seed organizer" on Amazon, and a photo box popped up. Inside this photo box are little boxes where I can put my seed packets. I thought, why not try it?

This year, we have more seed packets than ever before because we are intentionally starting seeds instead of just buying starts—especially for our vegetable garden. We also bought seeds for our annual cut flower garden, which is doing phenomenal.

Seed Packets organized in individual photo boxes within a craft box

I needed a place to store all the excess seeds we didn't use so they wouldn't get lost in the junk drawer and spilled everywhere. My junk drawer looks like a bomb went off (on the organizing list for a summer day), but among the pens, notepads, random cords, loose change, scissors, and some old earbuds are seeds for sweet peas and sugar snap peas. There is a pea everywhere I look in that dang drawer.

Enter in our handy dandy seed storage box that comes with labels! Gotta love a good label.

Seed Packets organized in photo boxes that are individually labeled

This nice craft bin with photo boxes is a simple, organized, cost-effective way to store seeds. Its handle makes it easy to carry to and from the greenhouse. It also has dividers that keep the small boxes from going all over the place or falling when you take one out. We can easily store this in our basement, where it stays cool and primarily dark. It's not huge and bulky, so keeping it hidden is easily accomplished.

Seed packets organized in craft bin with photo boxes

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