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A Perfect Inside Birthing Room for our Holland Lop Moms

Updated: Jun 20

We plan our Holland Lop births so the new babies can go home around Easter in the given year. This means that we have to set up birthing suites inside. Once our sweet babies are four weeks old, we put them outside in their birthing suites. At this point, the weather is starting to warm up, and even if it gets a little chill, our bunnies have enough fur to keep them warm.

Here is the setup of our birthing suite inside.

When mama Hollands (and even female Holland Lops who aren't pregnant) are pregnant, they instinctively dig in their litter. It's messy! So, I found these great litter boxes with high sides that quickly come off if not needed. This litter box keeps the nasty in the box! Litter Box

The hay is another messy part of housing Holland Lops and their kits inside. I found these great hay bags that keep the hay contained and, for the most part, off the floor. Hay Bag

When we set up the nesting box, I put a layer of pellets on the bottom to catch any liquid and then STUFF it FULL of hay. Lots and lots of hay. The mom will then dig in it and build her nest.

Other than that, creating our birthing suites for our Holland Lop mamas, I always ensure enough room for when the kits start exploring. Once they start exploring, I take the nesting box away because this is how I get them potty trained in the litter.

When we were moving another Holland back outside (first-time mama, all her kits died), Mary went into labor. She started digging, making a nest in the nesting box, and pulling lots of fur. All within 40 minutes, she had made a nest, pulled fur, and had eight kits. It was a CRAZY and COOL experience to be able to watch. Mary is our favorite mama. She is never aggressive and feels very comfortable around us, which makes us happy that she trusts us. Right after she had her babies, I got to check on them. Sadly, some will probably die because she had so many, as Holland Lops only has six teets. This picture was taken maybe 20 minutes after they were born!! Quinn was able to watch with me. It was such a special moment.

baby Holland Lop kits, 1 day old holland lop

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