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Six Real Reasons to Get Ducks

Updated: Mar 6

1. They are great pest control.

They catch bugs in the air! As well as all the bugs they eat as they forage. It’s pretty cool to watch them roam around. They will eat all those pesky bugs you don't want in your garden or flower beds.

2. They won't ruin gardens or flower beds.

They use their bill to get down in the dirt… they don’t scratch as chickens do. We learned the hard way that when you have flower beds around your whole yard, chickens love to scratch and kick all the bark into the lawn. Ducks make zero mess of the flower beds. Be careful in the spring when plants are starting to come up as they will trample the baby plants just shooting up.

Backyard ducks foraging

3. They all have different personalities.

I have never seen animals who talk more. They also flirt like middle school boys and girls. They also gossip all the time. They seem to never get bored! There is always something for them to be doing whether that be napping, catching bugs, waddling to their pool, swimming, preening, or eating.

White crested backyard duck

4. Eggs. Enough said.

Chickens usually tap out of their egg production around three years old. They will lay eggs still but it will be very minimal. Ducks can lay longer than chickens. Some ducks can even produce eggs more regularly than chickens. Duck eggs are noticeably bigger and I can attest that I don't notice any difference in taste. They make my baked goods fluffier which is always a win.

A Cayuga duck egg

5. They are less likely to carry around yucky bugs. (can we get a hallelujah?!)

Ducks spend so much time in the water that they rarely will get mites or outside parasites. The little buggers will drown before trying to attach. This is SO nice because when your chickens get lice or mites it's THE WORST.

Cayuga duck taking a bath

I hope you decide to get ducks! They are the best. We love sitting outside to just watch them waddle around. Seeing them in the winter waddle through the snow makes the season a lot better. Our neighbors even comment on how cute they are! It's a win in my book!

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