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6 Items You NEED if You Have a Hobby Farm

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

These six items changed how we farm in our backyard. These items make chores less frequent making time for more family fun.

No Mess Feeder This no-mess feeder has saved us money. It is some money up front, definitely more money than a regular chicken feeder. But it's worth it. We even use it for our ducks! Because of the gravity feeding system, feed is not wasted. The chickens (or ducks) stick their faces in and eat away. The chickens aren't able to scratch their beaks back and forth.

Extra Hobby Farm Tip: Buy pellets instead of crumbled food. Pellets make less of a mess and the chickens or ducks don't seem to scratch and dig through it.

No Mess/No Drip Chicken Water Set Up This waterer is perfect for a few or many chickens. We fill ours about once a week and we have 20 chickens! It lasts a long time and that makes our chore list shorter. You can't complain about that. In the winter, we put a heater in it and the nipples don't freeze with the heater in the water.

Water Heater Our water heater has been a lifesaver in our cold winters. Our water never freezes. I highly recommend this if you have electricity near or in your coop.

Automatic Chicken/Duck Door This has also made our lives easier. We use this for our ducks. I simply tell Alexa to "Turn On Coop Door" and the door opens. You will need a plug-in and Amazon Alexa as well. It makes the morning cozier that I don't have to bundle up and go outside to open their door. Today, we got 10 inches of snow, and staying inside and opening the door from my warm house was great. If you don't have Amazon Products, get the Add-a-Motor with the added timer. I have a friend who uses the timer and she says it works great!

Cozy Coop Heater For baby ducks or baby chickens, this heater is our go-to. Say goodbye to fire hazards. Say hello to feathering out quicker with this natural way of keeping your babies heated. This heater mocks a mama's heat making it more natural.

Heated Water Bottle This heated water bottle is amazing. Hook an extension cord to it and your bunnies will be living their best life with heated water all winter long. The nipple doesn't drip and it doesn't freeze! Another great feature to appreciate.

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